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Web Design

We make beautiful, sleek websites that are functional and work well. In addition, we ensure that our websites are set up for optimal findability in Google. An essential website* is online in a few days up from 1.000 CHF. With WordPress CMS you can adjust the website yourself with no subscription costs! If needed, we can support your updates or do adjustment. LINK Support
1 line: We create distinctive websites that work for you.

Online Advertising

Online advertising is about reaching your target audience. Your target group cannot be fully reached via traditional channels. You reach an additional part by addressing your target group through online advertisements. The experts within OOAK Solutions are ready to deliver the right advertisement to your target group through the right channels. 1 line: We send the right ads through the right channels to reach your target audience.


Together we create the need for a purchase. An e-commerce platform must support the ambitions now and in the future. Our e-commerce developers do this like no other. For each campaign we launch, we look in depth at the products on offer, the target audience they want to approach and current efforts to determine the best approach.
1 line: We are ready to increase your online return


Analytics online presence optimization (seo writing)

Taking a higher position in relevant searches in key nowadays. By designing and optimizing your website in the right way, it becomes more than just a business card. By being more visible, you create a lower threshold for suitable leads. With search engine optimization (SEO) you ensure that you are easily found over a longer period of time. 1 line: Our search engine optimization (SEO) ensures that you will be found well over a longer period of time.

Social media and Community building

Social media is so much more than posting an occasional message. Powerful social media content doesn’t just increase exposure or sales it improves engagement. People like to be connected to their favorite stores or brands. Creating a community around your service or brand is the best way to secure growth and to get in touch with your audience. 1 line: We engage your target group with your business and empower trust with existing or future customers

Customer loyalty management

Tailored customer loyalty will cover both sides of the coin: customers will get excited and stay loyal and your profitability will increase. The best fitted rewards can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of a loyalty program. Let our experience help you to create a loyalty program with benefits, vouchers, and rewards in a way customers stay focused on your services or products. 1 line: We want to excite your customers with a finetuned loyalty program that exactly fits the needs of your customers.

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